S​/​T EP

by Nailed In

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recorded/mixed by Mitja at Reci:Klaonica studio

music and lyrics by Nailed In


released February 3, 2016




Nailed In Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Trenches
A lightless hole my place to dwell
Inside humid walls I've built myself
A frequent crawler through shit and snow
Laying down with maggots is all I know

Boiling up
Fed up
So I'm signing off

In the face of bliss I'm left to revert
Somehow I got used to the taste of dirt
Pinned down to the bottom maybe I don't wanna go
Inside this ditch I've found my foe

Face down in the trench I want it all to end
Got nobody else to blame but myself
For the lifeline paved with regret
Track Name: Blood feud
I don't wanna bury the hatchet
I don't need to tolerate
Opposed inside the spectrum
We take and retaliate

Don't talk to me about unity
Spreading moral poison and bigotry
A double standard without a face
Behind these covers the fact remains

I despise you, you despise me
That's just the way it has to be
When you had your turn now it's time to bail out
How hard it is to see

You're a selfish worm, a spineless fuck
Still stuck inside a two-sided rut
Fuck your punk!
Track Name: Bad bargain
Man of tradition, faith
Life filled with order
Of moral rules
To bow down to your savior

But when shit hits the fan
Life takes its toll
The hand that reached to you
Has been cut off

Where is your god now?

The world tears you down
But the pattern stays the same
The creed that gave you hope
Now laughs in your fucking face

Bad bargain's what you get
Track Name: Choose your weapons
Do you feel content with what you got
Life comfortable and balanced
You could be a proof, a consumer's guide
For the path of self-indulgence

You could have so much within these walls
But can you truly call it a home
The rules once made to be broken
Became your stepping stone

You stroll from show to show
To pass the time
Your weekend getaway
Your ideas were made to take form
Defying values meant to fucking stay

When summers turn to cold
When living denies life
Pull the ones around you
Choose your weapons
Choose them wise

For bitter times
Track Name: Bleed the leech
Another victim, a slave
With no place to hide
Stripped of all emotion
Devoid of pride
A prefect prey
For you to capture
A tortured mind
Just meat for the vulture

You're a fucking leech, a conniving rat
A focused mind is just another threat
Another trap for a troubled soul
Leave nothing to chance, total control

No way out
I'll make you fucking pay
No way out
You'll choke on trash you say

You've had your take and now you're done
The rake is closing in
Rest assured I'll be the nail
That seals your fucking coffin

Nailed in!
Track Name: End of my rope
Faced with a barrier
You try to take what's mine
Can't reach inside
So you put me in line
Met with indifference
Now you spit in my face
Abortion of society
A human waste

I never wanted
Your sympathetic hope
You'll see me smiling
At the end of my rope

Your revolting stares
They pose as a threat
With patronizing smirk
You'll soon regret
Trapped inside
Things can't get any worse
Breathing the same air with you
Is like a fucking curse

End of my rope